Terracotta Wall Cladding Facade Panel

Terracotta Wall Cladding Facade Panel

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Factory Address: Changtai Industrial Zhangzhou Fujian China

About Us
    Terracotta Panel (Terracotta Wall Facade, Terracotta Stick and Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Baguette) is one of the newest material of curtain wall. As the leader manufacturer of terracotta products in China, LOPO Company and LEIYUAN Company invested with total over US$ 40,000,000 to founded the Terracotta Panel factory in Changtai, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, China. The total construction period of the factory will divide into two parts. With the completion of this project, 1,000,000 sqm terracotta panels are expected to be produced per year. The production line is equipped with Germany extruder and Italian drier and kilns, has the level to lead this industry domestically. 
    As a professional Terracotta Panel manufacturer, the factory has a good technical team and advanced management concepts. Each performance index of FGM terracotta facade systems meets European standards and even exceeds. Varied sizes, colors and forms provide the architects with a wide choice and create space, also it provide the designers and owners with updated, creative design inspiration. Profit from our state-of-art manufacture process, not only characteristics like green, environmental protection and eternality existed in nature clay itself is reserved, also advantageous of stiffness, light weight, self-cleaning, convenient installation and so on are assured. 
    With world-leading professional skills, rich experience, precise production position and excellence consulting service, the factory will provide the customers with professional integrated resolutions about
Terracotta Panel (Terracotta Wall Facade Cladding Panels, Terracotta Stick, Terracotta Louver, Terracotta Baguette).

About LOPO Company
With excellent engineering team and skilled workers, LOPO continues to constantly innovate in the range of clay products from the year of 2002. Independent development and innovation capacity are our source of infinite energy to keep our products improving and meet diversified needs of customers. Products range from terracotta bricks to terracotta panel and terracotta roof tiles. In those years, our products have been well-received by our customers from all over the world. We have established strategic partnership with noted real estate companies, such as Vanke, Crland, Vantong, Merchants Estate companies etc. Depending on our devoted services, qualified products and competitive prices, we have also won the approval of our distributors from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK, Malaysia, USA, Canada and Europe. Moreover, LOPO has become the biggest  professional clay split brick tile integration of develop, produce and sell, and is the most competitive clay split brick tile manufacturing base in China. Only with the professional strength, can have this powerful development strength.

History of LOPO Terracotta Products
► 2002, LOPO Clay Tile launched the cornerstone-laying ceremony in Tangshan Industrial District, Guanqiao Town, Nan'an, Fujian Province, which not only opened a new chapter for LOPO to be the largest and most competitive manufacturer of clay tile in China, but also unveiled the new and glorious era for LOPO.
► Apr.22, 2003, the first extrusion molding clay tile was born, which originated from the wisdom and efforts of all peoples in LOPO. This kind of brick is shaped under vacuum extrusion and baked in high-temperature tunnel kiln with high-quality clay materials adopted, which creates an unfading charm.
► 2003, LOPO Cultured Stone factory was founded, which indicated that LOPO had begun the production of cultured stone. With strong capabilities of R&D, we are able to provide diversified and personalized choice for architects and developers.
► 2004, LOPO Cultured Stone has come out. Characterized by thousands of special shapes and amazing colors,  the cultured stone products represent the natural and original texture of real stone vividly which are perfectly meet the people's need of nature-honoring and nature-returning.
► 2004, clay tile with multiple blending colors was successfully produced in LOPO. Adopted unique formulation and technology, a piece of clay tile can gain special blending colors while firing in the high-temperature kiln.
► 2004, hand-made clay tile announced its first appearance. This type of tile is of originality with the inspiration coming from the beach in Gulangyu Island, Xiamen. Polished by hand and weathered in high pressure with delicate manual processing for rock surface, clay surface and quick-sand surface, the natural water-eroded surface.
► 2005, the clay tile of flame color was produced. With the improvement of manufacture craft, the color of clay tile is of great nature.
► 2006, the clay tile of metallic color came into the market, which was firstly created by LOPO in China.
► 2008, LOPO became the largest production base of clay tile in China, which of three most advanced production lines in China with full-automatic temperature-controlling tunnel kiln with annual production of 4,500,000 m2 clay tiles, 600,000 m2 cultured stone.
► 2009, the first handmade clay brick tile was produced by LOPO in China.
► 2009, LOPO Terracotta Panel launched the cornerstone-laying ceremony in Changtai Economic and Technical Development Zone, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province.