Terracotta Wall Cladding Facade Panel

Terracotta Wall Cladding Facade Panel

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FAQ of Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Stick (Louver)

1) What is Terracotta Panel? What are the characteristics of Terracotta Panel?
Brief introduction of terracotta panel
The terracotta panel is made of natural pure terracotta after fine processing, extrusion into shape and drying with special equipment, kilning under high temperature. It is a kind of panel with substantial hardness, strength and surface fineness.

Terracotta is a new kind of building material in the history of architecture. It is a kind of primitive natural material integrated with traditional Chinese culture of thousands of years, representing modern fashionable design while keeping traditional styles simultaneously. It is a new language of architecture. Replacing conventional materials with modern ones is indeed a progress of human civilization. There are many successful instances which express the history using modern language while inheriting traditional culture. Therefore, architects are more willing to demonstrate modern things using conventional materials in the hope of indicating the origin of his buildings. In the application of modern building materials, they no longer pursue fashions in a biased way, but more respect the locality and the source of traditional culture. In the present China, the momentum of the former single pursuit of modernity and technical contents has been transformed into pursuits of humanistic and artistic aura, environment friendliness, energy conservation and noise reduction. As the terracotta panel has advantages in this aspects, catering to the mainstream trend of human orientation and making itself an ideal panel for curtain wall. It has won the favor and interests of various circles such as architects, developers, designers and curtain wall companies etc. It witnesses rapid development home and abroad in recent years where lies the real reason of the fast development of terracotta panel curtain wall.

Development history of terracotta panel:
The application of terracotta panel began in Europe in 1980s. After 2000, the terracotta panel entered the China’s market. At that time the domestic market was under monopoly of several foreign enterprises, restricting the popularization due to high price and long lead time.

Application range of terracotta panel
1. Curtain wall for exterior decoration of buildings Commercial buildings, office buildings, theaters, venues and dwellings etc.
2. Curtain wall for interior decoration of buildings Venues, exhibition halls, public buildings etc.

The Characteristics of Terracotta Panel?
Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction
Fire Prevention & Anti-Freeze
Never fade
Light weight, Solidity, Waterproof, Heat Preservation

2) What is Terracotta Stick and Terracotta Louver? What are the characteristics of them?
Brief introduction of terracotta stick and louver:
Terracotta stick with sparkling radiance, for construction planted a chic out. It’s not like a monotonous traditional curtain wall unified. It’s by artful posture and clay tablets perfect union, have broken the traditional single curtain wall structure, make a building to more beauty. It’s not like metal of make public defiant, not as cold as ice like glass, not like stone deep majesty. It’s quiet posture, slow stretches, blend in the entire building, send out unique charm. Touch it, the tiny undulation skin to let you feel near natural. See it, warm colors let people feel relaxed. This kind of beauty from inside to outside, accomplished contented board becomes the modern building curtain wall new pet.

Terracotta stick which corporate the window format, serve to accentuate the areas and provide a transition to the adjoining front.

1) 100% Environment-friendly
2) Lightweightness, Acoustic Insulation
3) Precise Specification, Durable Performance
4) Good Fireproofness and Antifreezeness
5) Self-cleaning Ability
6) Colorfulness and Colorfastness
7)Free combination to show style.


15 colors available, divided into 3 species: Grey, Yellow, Red.

Technical Advantages:
1)Good protection of the wall
2) Heat and Noise Insulation
3) Open Mounting Approach
4) Closed Mounting Approach
5) Back-Ventilated Design
6) Windproofness and Shakeproofness
7) Perfect Drainage System

3) How to install the Terracotta Panel and Terracotta Stick (Louver)? Is it easy and quickly?
It is very easy and quickly to install the terracotta panel and terracotta stick (louver), please visit INSTALLATION on our website.
The Articulated Parts of Terracotta Panel:

standard crossbeam                      supports                         shut crossbeam

    short hanging arm            standard parting piece          turning parting pieces

The Articulated Parts of Terracotta Stick (Louver):

Shuttle Louver Series Plug Heal Pendant / Stick Louver Series Plug

4) What is different with the other Curtain Wall Materials?

Terracotta panels advantages compared with other materials


Terracotta Panel
Stone Plate
Aluminum Plate
Glass Curtain
Ceramic Plate
Soft and hardclay
Granite, marble, sandstone
Ore plus small amount clay
volume weight
Dry hanging system
Comes with articulated parts, standard, security, simple
On-site processing, fragile, there are security risks
On-site processing
On-site processing
On-site processing, fragile, there are security risks
Color-forming mechanism
A variety of clay  spontaneously colors and concoction at high temperatures without chemical pigment blending, Large area using can protect the same color
Natural color, color consistency great influenced by mine
Color After, Color Pigment are mostly organic pigment, good consistency but easily fade
Heavy metaloxides  issued a color
Heavy metaloxides  issued a color
Not easy to be broken and become old
Easy to be secondary weathering
Easy oxidation
Easy corrosion
Easy to be secondary weathering and fading
Alkaline& acid resistant
Static-free, surface roughness, noadsorption
Strong adsorption
Strong adsorption
Graniteis easywithradioactive elements
Colorful glass contain radioactive elements easily
Individualwithradioactive elements
Low alkaline
Hollow process, Insulation, excellent noise reduction performance, weight light, just save a lot of installation of steel, clay material, thermal conductivity less than half of stone, can be recycled after hundred years
Insulation, poor noise reduction performance , heavy weight, need to reinforce
Noinsulation, light weight
Good transparency, noinsulation
poor heat and noise reduction, heavy weight, need strong reinforcement
production process Environmentally friendly
No need to over-processing of raw materials, no waste water, raw materials from shale and clay, rich in natural resources, mining easy, and a lot of waste with a cinder can be used.
Processing will produce a lot of waste water, small resources and mining cause large  damage to environmental
Aluminumresources are increasinglyscarce
Lesshigh-qualitysilica sandresources
High-qualityclay become fewer and fewer
Terracotta Panel
Stone Plate
Aluminum Plate
Glass Curtain
Ceramic Plate